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At Tampa T-Shirts we recognize the importance to contribute towards a healthier planet. For that reason, we are offering Recycled Cotton Blend and 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts.

How does Recycled Cotton blend t-shirts help the earth?

Recycled Cotton fibers do not require land use or intensive irrigation therefore no fertilizers or pesticides are needed. In addition, the manufacturing process of Recycle Cotton t-shirts reduces energy and resource use.

Recycled Cotton Blend T-Shirts

100% Organic Cotton T-Shirts

We are taking a stand to help sustain and support our environment. You can make the world a better place to live with your help!

In order for a garment to become certified as 100% Organic Cotton, it must meet the Organic Standards of:

  • Seed Preparation Soil & Water Weed and Pest Control.
  • Harvesting Gin, Spinning
  • Knitting Dyeing and Finishing Cutting and Sewing

Our T-shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets and other fine apparel, meet these standards. Coupled with our screenprinting and embroidery services, you can rest easy that you'll receive the very best product at an affordable price. Men's Anvil 100% Organic T-shirts, Tampa

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