About Embroidery

Embroidery is the process of stitching on a name, logo or any type of design onto a garment, cap, or bag. This process of decorating is usually used for polo shirts, dress shirts, caps, hat bands, and bags of all types. Before we can set our computer generated machines in motion to sew, we must create a digitized file or .dst file. The .dst file is your design in a format that will sew. The process of creating that file is called digitizing. There is a fee for digitizing a file, but it is a 1 time charge and the digitized file can be emailed and used forever. Well…until the technology changes.

While SCREENPRINTING is priced by the number of colors in the design, and the size of the design is not important for pricing, EMBROIDERY is priced by the size of the design, hence the “stitch count” or number of stitches in the design is important. The number of colors is not important for pricing.

Once the file is digitized, the .dst file can be emailed. A .dst file is a permanent file, and you own it when you pay for it. Once we have your file digitized, we will provide you with a mock up so you can see what your design will look like once it is sewn onto a cap, bag or garment.