(or,” this is how we do it, baby”)

SCREENPRINTING is the process where T shirts and other garments are decorated with ink to create an image on a garment.  The process is permanent and it is the most common T shirt decorating method.  It is the best way to create a totally custom garment.    The process should start with good quality art, and like baking a cake, if you begin with high quality ingredients, the cake should be delicious!

ART needs to be in a high resolution format, preferably 300 dpi (or higher), or in an editable EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) format.  If you cannot get your art in this format, we can convert it for you (small fee). Send us a jpeg, png , psd. Adobe Illustrator CC file and/or Photoshop CC, or we can work from a previous design on a garment as a last resort!

NEXT, we create a virtual proof for you, in PDF or JPEG format, using the color(s) of garment you have chosen. You can print an order  on more than one color of garment if the ink colors that you are using will show up on the garment. We generally suggest sticking to a light or dark color palette of shirts.

ONCE the virtual proof is approved, the next step for us is to take your art and separate it into the different color components using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  An individual screen is made for each color in the design, and set up on the screen printing press in a fashion so the colors line up  together,  although they are printed separately.  The set up process is commonly referred to as REGISTRATION.

THEN WE PRINT! First a test print to make sure the job is registered. If all looks good we run the presses, print your shirts, cure them as they go down the dryer and Voila! You have a custom made, screen printed shirt. Actually, you will have several of them